Here comes the wisdom

Hi everyone,

just sharing some Tall and Tiny wisdom today. Simple question, yet it does make you wonder...

Oh, and we might have just booked a super awesome gig! But more on that later.

Much love, Tnt

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Bitches Be Free

Hi everyone!

Since yesterday was International Women's Day, we decided to write a song dedicated to women around the world. It's called Bitches Be Free (because, why not?)! Check it out right here:

Also, Jade got to do an interview about feminism on Radio Scorpio, and our song was broadcast! It was really nice to see 'Tall and Tiny' appear on the radio station's computer, and it's always great when you get the chance to share your opinion on a matter you care about.

To be honest though, we felt kind of weird about this. We've been working a lot on our music lately. And that doesn't mean what it used to mean to us. In the earlier days of Tall and Tiny, we would write and record songs in less than 30 minutes, and put them out there right away. Lately, however, we've been trying to figure out the producing aspect of making music. We're learning about compression, panning, different types of reverb, equalizers, and all kinds of kicks, snares, toms etc. This is taking up a lot of time, and since it's still a learning process, we don't have any finished material to publish yet. The reason we felt weird about this being our, well... 'radio debut' is that this is actually a very 'roughly put together' kind of song, which doesn't represent the sound that we are currently working on. So, we are reeeally excited to share our new stuff with you! And when we have something to share, we promise we'll be on the radio again!

between trying to balance work, school and music (chaos!), we also get together to chill out sometimes, which is so darn fun! We shot some pictures the other day, have a look:

Have a lovely day, and stay tuned!
Love, TnT

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