Our 2014 Overview

Hi you!

Before we kick in the new year, we'd like to look back on some of the best things about the past year (yes, we're using flowers for this one)!

TNT had a bit of a break during the summer, but then we felt a sudden urge to make music, which is such a wonderful feeling. Inspiration! 
We have made a big step towards recording our first album (find out how we do it here!)
Jade got her Bachelor's degree and decided to go for the Master's, and Elvi started teaching piano lessons and doing modelling jobs, just like she always wanted.
We have been quite healthy this year (Elvi runs and Jade does yoga)
The music video for Sold His Soul was made and published, thank you all for the praise and feedback! 
We started this blog!

Some of our most read posts so far include: Jade talking about F.A.C.T.S., Elvi sharing her romantic photoshoot and the sneak peek to our new song! 

Now, we know that it's mostly been nerdie posts (which we hope you've enjoyed so far), but there will be a lot of DIY projects next year (plus, Elvi actually has a very cool photoshoot to share with you soon!) and of course there will be a lot of music! Once we finish some of our new songs, we'll share them with you asap, promised! 

As far as resolutions are concerned, we'd basically like to keep up all the things we just listed above. We hope we can remain strong and healthy, work hard, and between working and studying have fun and make music! If we could make a wish, it would be getting to hear from you. We love reading comments, so really, feel free to share any thoughts you have with us here! Do you have resolutions? Inspire us! 

Enjoy your new year's eve, and have a very happy 2015. 

Tall and tiny



Hi everyone! 

About a year ago I started doing something that has really changed my life for the better: yoga. Now, as you're reading this, you're probably thinking "I should do some yoga too, but I'll never be good enough at it" and that's why I write this post. To say: NO! No no no, that's not true at all! Yoga can seem like (and often is) exclusive to a community of absurdly flexible, strictly vegan and spiritually enlightened people who make you feel like you're chubby and immoral and remind you of the fact that you cannot even bend over to tie your shoelaces or pet your dog.  

I always felt intimidated by yoga as well, until I discovered Erin Motz' youtube channel. She has a playlist called the 30 day yoga challenge which contains 30 videos from about 15-20 minutes, in which she teaches yoga classes for beginners. She is the reason why I got over my fear of yoga. I'm just going to quote her, because she says it so well:

"If you’re constantly afraid of making a mistake or that people will judge you or think you’re weird or stupid, and you base your actions on those things alone, you’ll only get as far as everyone else’s acceptable standard."

She invented the concept of the bad yogi, which means that you can do yoga without feeling like you have to be part of a certain community, or adjust your entire lifestyle and eating habits. Yoga is for anyone, so yes, that includes you! If you want to know if you are a bad yogi too, check out her website here

My boyfriend's mom got me the official bad yogi tank, and I've enjoyed doing my morning sun salutation in it, after which I rewarded myself with a bit of chocolate, #badyogi style. 

If you are at all interested, give it a go! Here are the links to:
The 30 day yoga challenge (Do You Yoga Channel)
The 4 week yoga challenge (Bad Yogi Channel) 

And don't forget: it's not about stretching super far until you're injured! Just take it easy, keep breathing and enjoy your practice. You'll feel all different really quickly. :) 

Lots of love, and remember, bad is good.

✎ Jade


Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho!
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, and that you're looking forward to the New Year! Here are some of my favourite nerdy Christmas cards, and don't forget to check out Starwars.com for their awesome Christmas video!

✎ Jade

And I just love these, for more check out this link


Tall and tiny's "How We Make Music"

Hello all!

We've been working on our music together, and we wanted to share our ingenious way of doing so, with -wait for it...- you! 

Since we live in different cities, and since we have busy schedules, we decided that getting together for rehearsals just wasn't the way to go if we wanted to make some progress. So, what we do is the following (and yes we are summing it up with tiny snowmen, because 't is the season): 

☃ One of us makes the base for a new song. (drum track, bass line and basic singing melody)
☃ The file (which is a logic project) is sent to the other. 
☃ Then, the other one can make some changes and adds some stuff (electric piano, new vocal line).
☃ Then the whole project is sent back again, and that's the way we do it. Back and forth, back and forth!

See, in order to be able to work this way, you really need to get along well, and fortunately, we do! We are very honest with each other about our projects. If one of us adds something to the song that the other one hates, it's easier to be honest about it and change it, instead of being grumpy about it and not liking your own song anymore. Best thing is, this actually rarely happens. =) 

What's wonderful about this way of making music, is that whenever either one of us is feeling 'stuck' (you know, writer's block) we can just send it to each other. Also, you get such fun things if you work together, yet apart. We keep surprising each other with new lyrics or new riffs and it's really exciting to receive an updated version of a song through WeTransfer, because we never know what we're going to get! 

So, that's what we wanted to share! Do you think you would like making music this way? 
And, nostalgic as we are sometimes, here are some pictures of us rehearsing and playing together! 

Tall and tiny


Little girl's opinion on the 'Slave Leia' outfit

Hello you!

I just have to share this! A dad recorded a conversation he had with his 5 year old daughter about the slave girl outfit Princess Leia wears in The Return of the Jedi, and then had a couple of guys make an animation for it, and seriously, the result is very funny to watch. Enjoy!

✎ Jade

Korean Disney

Hi everyone! 

I found a little treasure for the Disney lovers among you! Artist Obsidian gave some of our favourite Disney stories a Korean makeover. I just love them, especially the one where The Beast is a tiger! Check out Obsidian's Blog for more!

✎ Jade

Alice in Wonderland

Little Red Riding Hood

The Princess and the Frog

The Little Mermaid

Snow White


The Beauty and the Beast


BBC's Robin Hood

Hi everyone!

Do you like TV series that combine adventure, action, romance and humor in one big medieval setting? Then BBC's Robin Hood is your thing! It's a wonderful show with incredible actors. Also, Robin Hood is really hip again lately. You have a Robin Hood in Once Upon a Time, and Disney is planning a series of Robin Hood movies that should be similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean series. But before watching those, here's a list of reasons why you should watch this show:

- It's got a great story and amazing characters. You really get to know each character very well and you really feel for them when something bad happens to them. One of my favourite characters is Djaq, a girl who "apart from being a girl, is one of the boys" =)

- The sets are really good. 

- The costumes! I really loved the costumes because they're medieval but with a modern twist. They're designed so that they would be suitable for the medieval setting, but that young people would still find them fashionable at the same time. In one episode they take this really far by having a kid wear black converse-looking sneakers. Lady Marian also wears gorgeous dresses and her hair and makeup is always done really nicely! 

- The humor. It's a funny show. Basically, each season is about one big storyline, and each episode is about a smaller storyline which fits into the bigger plot. The smaller storylines almost always come down to Robin and the gang messing around with the Sheriff, which is quite amusing. 

- The actors! The cast is really good. Keith Allen for instance, is great as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Also, you might recognise Harry Lloyd from Game of Thrones or Richard Armitage from The Hobbit, though they made this series earlier in their careers. It's funny really because Lloyd is so evil in GOT yet so nice in Robin Hood, and with Armitage it's the other way 'round!

- The romance. Obviously, there is something going on between Robin and Marian, but it is more complicated than you'd think. You see, there is a third character: Guy of Gisbourne. This love triangle is really interesting, and even though I do swoon when watching the romantic scenes, it's not your typical 'lady falls in love with the hero' story, because Marian is actually very stubborn, wilful, independent and heroic herself (yay, female hero!). 

- The actors, again! This time not for their wonderful acting skills, but for their hummanah factor. Yes, they are really handsome. My favourite is Alan a Dale. He's not your typical kind of pretty bloke, but those eyes.. Also *slight spoiler alert* something happens to his character which makes him even more hummanah, to me anyway! Though that might just be me.. 

If you're still not convinced, you can watch this video I made below! Although it does contain serious spoilers. So... Just watch the show, will you? I promise you, you'll love it! And don't watch the third season (it sucks). Enjoy!

✎ Jade




The Force Awakens: One Year To Go!


365 days to go! In just one year, I will be sitting in the movie theater, with eyes as big and bright as the moon, gazing at a huge screen that says "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." and then when the music starts I will scream and hop and clap because it will be sooo cool! So now, the countdown really begins. So excited!! In the meantime, we'll have to keep ourselves content with the awesome teaser trailer, and hopefully we'll get more trailers soon! 

Oh also, did you guys know they announced the main character's names a couple of days ago? I really like them! See them below! 

And for those who keep saying that there is too much CGI and that BB-8 looks fake, the little robot is an actual prop, which was confirmed by Mark Hamill. And if you google around a little, you'll find out pretty quickly that they are actually using a lot of costumes and actual sets for this movie!

Alright people, counting down now. 365.

✎ Jade


New Song - Sneak Peek


In between all other posts, we'd like to remind you of the fact that we are still making music. It might seem unlikely, but so true! Aaaand to prove it, we have a little sneak peek of our new song for you! And feel free to watch our last music video below as well. You really should, and then stand in awe, because it is awe-some!

Lots of love!
Tall and tiny


Game of Thrones - Telltale video game


I just played through the first episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones video game! I had played the first season of The Walking Dead (also by Telltale) and really hoped that this game would be similar to it. And yay for me, it is! It has the same gameplay, meaning that you have to make choices throughout the game. As I've already experienced with The Walking Dead, these choices don't really make a big difference, because you will probably end up in a certain situation anyway, but they do change the way you experience the game, like for example how certain characters act around you. 

The graphics are nice, again, kind of like The Walking Dead. The game also has the original actors from the Game of Thrones TV-series voicing it, which really makes the experience all the more real. You also get to meet actual characters from the books/series! It's really important to know the books/series if you want to play this game, because you get thrown into the story, like, snap! It starts at the evening of Rob Stark's wedding (if you know what I mean...) and the game should go on until the end of the series' season 4. 

You play as several characters from the Forrester family. I'm not very fond of the name, because my mom used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful and whenever I hear Forrester, all I can think of is Ridge's stupid face. But, putting that aside for a moment, the story is pretty good. You get to play with two male characters (one on his way to The Wall and the other at the Forrester keep) and one female character (in King's Landing, yay!). However, I think that in the next episode, other characters from other regions will become playable as well. 

I don't think I'll continue playing when the second episode will be released around February, because I'd rather play the entire season at once. I'll have to wait a little longer, but it'll be worth it. I finished The Walking Dead in about a week and it is just so much more exciting and emotional to play through the whole story at once. I played the first half of Broken Sword (The Serpent's Curse) and had to wait for such a long time before the second half came out, that by the time it had, I had totally forgotten about the story. I still haven't played the second half... So, I've learned my lesson! I know now that this Game of Thrones game is worth playing, and I will wait for it to be entirely playable before I continue playing!

Have you played it? If so, tell me what you think of it! If no, I hope this little review encouraged you to play it when the full version is released!

✎ Jade


Girl Power Poster


Okay okay, I know, third post in a row. I try to spread out my posts as much as possible, but as soon as I saw this I just had to share! The artist Scott Park has made this wonderful illustration of kick ass female characters, and I am sooo in love with it! I includes every character I could think of: Buffy, Willow, Leeloo, Arya, Beatrix Kiddo, Leia, Ashoka, Lara Croft, Eve, Galadriel, Hermione, Unikitty and many more, even the Firefly girls! Reflecting on this, maybe that's kind of a bad thing? I mean, it's a wonderful picture, but really almost every heroine is in this picture. Can you imagine trying to make a same sized image that includes all male heroes? The list is definitely longer. So I guess what I'm saying is: enjoy this picture and let's work together towards a world with much more heroines! 

Lots of love,
✎ Jade
ps: kind of miss the Power Rangers in this one though!

Leia vs Galadriel rap battle


I just had to share this, no explanation needed!

Even though I think Galadriel is super cool, Leia kind of kicked ass in this one.

✎ Jade

Princess Bride Lego


I'm reading the 'As You Wish' book by Cary Elwes, and it is really good! Reading it really makes me want to watch The Princess Bride very badly, but I'm going to wait until I've finished the book. However, I did start looking the cast up on google (to find out what they look like now) and found this lovely picture!

Also, I discovered that Brickworld Chicago made these wonderful Lego sets, which I desperately want now! Aren't they amazing? I love the amount of detail on Miracle Max' house. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and have fun storming the castle! 

✎ Jade

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