I like it music video + gig announcement


As most of you know, Tall and Tiny began in the spring of 2011. That same year, during winter, we decided to make a fun music video for our favourite song: I like it. Early in the morning, we dragged loads of clothes and camera equipment through the snow and went to class. We sat at the back of the auditorium, with all our bags around us, eager to start filming. After class we dragged everything straight to our rehearsing location, which fortunately, was nearby.

It was all done very clumsily, but we had so much fun. To this day, we cherish the memory of making this music video because it was absolutely a day to remember.

We never uploaded it though. It got edited and everything, but we never decided to share it. We kept thinking we might make a new version of the song and so we kept postponing it. Today however, we realise that the song is perfect just as it is. It's not as 'finished' as our newer songs, but it's a classic! We finally uploaded the video and you can watch it below. We hope you enjoy it!

If you are wondering what those 'newer songs' sound like, you should come see us perform. That's right, we are performing live soon! We are going to play on October 25th @Kinky Star in Ghent. Check out the Facebook event here. We will be playing loads of new songs! If you can't come, you can always keep an eye out for new songs on our Soundcloud. We are going to upload something really soon!

We hope to see you in Ghent!


Behind the Screens: I Know

Hi everyone!

We released our new song 'I Know' on Soundcloud a while back, and we wanted to give you peeps a little insight into the way we write our songs. You see, they go through many phases. Sometimes they get scrapped after a few weeks because we don't like them, and then a couple of months later we'll find them again and suddenly see lots of potential we didn't see before. Our songs undergo many changes. For instance, we wrote 'Simplify' in early 2015, but we've been remixing it and it sounds quite different now. Check our instagram for a little preview of that!

So! We wanted to give you a little 'behind the screens' with Tall and Tiny. We could show you what was actually on our screens, but that might not make a lot of sense to you. That's why we're not going to show you, but we're going to let you listen! Below are some of the phases 'I Know' underwent. We started working on it in March 2016, and finished it about a month ago. Without further ado, let's do this!

1st Version The first version was instrumental and totally different from what it eventually became. However, you'll hear some parts that might sound familiar.

2nd Version This second version is so weird to hear once you've gotten used to the finished one. In this version, vocals were added. However, the lyrics as well as the melody are entirely different. Everything was recorded very quickly, just so we wouldn't forget our ideas. It isn't mastered or decently recored, but you have an idea of where we were going with this. Also, note how it used to be 'Oh no' instead of 'I Know' isn't that hilarious?

3rd Version The third version might sound more recognizable already. We kind of scrapped everything, but kept the basics. The beat was still a bit boring though, and the mix was still very flat. But no worries, we were getting there..

And then here we are, the final version! After weeks (...months? Felt like years.) of mastering we finally felt happy about the song and decided to publish it. Here it is!

So, did you like this little overview? Let us know what you think!

Lots of love,


A Quick Resolution Check

Ho ho ho and Happy 2017 everyone!

We wanted to come back to our hopes and resolutions from last year. Let's revise shall we?

1. Level up at least twice this year

We're pretty sure we've aced this one. I mean, we've definitely grown in many ways. Our music got better, we've become healthier, we're making progress study/career-wise... Level up: check!

2. Get new superpowers and new gear

A new recording microphone and a Maschine mk2: check!

3. Increased health and mana + stamina boost

Well, we've been eating pretty healthily (what an impossible word to type) and have been exercising (another hard word omg) regularly. So I'm pretty sure we're good here.

4. The year of supergirls in fly capes

Definitely! Feminism is all the rage again, and there was actually a tv-series about supergirl on CBS. Also, we released a song for International Women's Day!

5. Contribute to world peace

Well, our feminist song was a good start, right?

6. Get a press release

Our song was played on a local radio station and we got to do a little interview, so check! Though we want to go bigger next year!

7. Finally know what happened to John Snow.

Check that.

8. May scientists reveal that candy is just like a healthy meal

Well, we might not be there yet, but at least this is good news.

9. Make Tall and Tiny action figure toys

Darn, didn't do this yet! Maybe move this one over to next year?

10. Watch the new Star Wars

Even though this was still in 2015, it was awesome. And Rogue One was awesome!

11. New TNT songs

Yes! Finally! Click here to listen!

So hey, we didn't do a bad job! Hooray! Now let's make 2017 awesome AF.


I Know Right?

Hello you beautiful and amazing blog reader!

We have finally released our new song! We've been working on it since... March? Maybe even February! Anyway, it's undergone so many changes throughout the past 9 months or so (it's like a baby), and we're actually really satisfied with the result! Scroll all the way down to listen!

We kind of feel like our music has gone through several phases. Let's review!

Phase 1 - Octopus One

We started out with nothing but a piano and our voices. We created fairytale-ish melodies and tried recording them with an old laptop's built in microphone. That ended up sounding like this:

We also started working with electronics. We recorded through midi and tried some stuff out on Garageband. We also started adding drums, which lead to these two:

Phase 2 - Enter Electronics

We wanted to make more complex compositions, and got better at the computer technicalities. Enter arpeggiators, synth soundscapes and space vibes. We switched from Garageband to Logic and did some live shows to get over our initial stage fright.

Phase 3 - Album Time

With the new recording mic and the Maschine we were able to really bump up our sound quality. Also, learning how to work with equalizers, limiters and compressors has really made a huge difference to the way our songs sound! In phase 1, we would write, record and release a song in less than a day. In this phase, however, we really like to take our time with each song. We spend months sending the files back and forth to each other and tweaking little details over and over again. There is still so much we want to learn, but we are definitely making progress and that's what matters! And what matters most to us is that we still have fun with it, and we totally do! We're feeling really ambitious about the upcoming year. We want to make an album and make at least one music video! We have got so many songs that are in the "almost-finished" stage, so you can expect to hear from us in 2017! It's going to be a great year!

Also, don't you just love this picture? Check out the photographers' website HERE! They make such great and original pictures and we look forward to shooting with them again sometime! 


F.A.C.T.S. 2016!

Oh my glob, it's that time of year again!

The blog has been pretty quiet lately, but I just have to upload my F.A.C.T.S. pictures like I do every year! I had a blast, as always. The venue was organised differently this time, so that makes it hard to compare this edition with others, but overall it was great. My boyfriend and I went as a duo from Adventure Time: Finn and Lumpy Space Princess. I made the costumes with Elvi's help, who is a lot better at DIY stuff than I am. Thank you Elvi!! For the Finn costume, my boyfriend already had most of the clothes he needed. He bought a foam sword from Flying Tiger Copenhagen for just 2 euros, and his hat was made out of a second hand ski coat that we bought for 1 euro. If you want to know how to make your own awesome Finn hat, check out THIS very helpful tutorial! My costume was a little more complicated, but still very doable for a beginner. I also used a second hand ski coat (1 euro again, aw yeah) for the base of my costume, and then added tule to it. If you want to see how we made it, check out the whole process HERE! The star is made from cardboard with fabric glued to it, and the rest of the outfit (clothes, shoes, makeup, nail polish) I already had. Tadaa!

When we arrived, we got ourselves a Finn and a Jake plush, which we carried around all day. We saw a lot of cool costumes today! I always love watching other people's cosplays. There were a lot (A LOT) of Harley and Joker cosplays, and as always there were quite some Elsa's as well. It was strange to see how few Daenerys and Lord of the Rings cosplays there were, considering how popular they used to be. The only really cool Lord of the Rings cosplay we saw was a person dressed up as a very impressive Sauron, followed by the Nazg├╗l. Awesome. Sean Astin was there today, so I had expected to see more hobbits! We were able to see Sean Astin quite well while he was signing autographs, and he looked super nice. He was wearing an adorable hat, which made him look super British! We were also able to see Nicholas Brendon really well. Being a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, I was super excited about this! 

Some best-of moments (not in order, because I can't put these wonderful things in order):

1. Our super cute photo shoot on the (new) Millennium Falcon

Yeah, that's some true love right there.

2. Running into someone dressed as BMO, which I was really hoping for

3. Meeting up with my BFF Nele, dressed as Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire (holding soda for some reason) 

4. Taking a picture with Rey and Kylo Ren (who I was kind of scared of) 

5. R2 BUILDERS!! They are always so cool.

6. Getting my boyfriends foam sword checked at the weapon check #becauseitlooksdangerous

As you can see, we had a great time! We also enjoyed watching a drone race and a robot battle, which we hadn't done before. Last but not least: I bought a bear onesie which I love sooo much! I've wanted a onesie for so many years already, and now I finally have one! I was kind of frozen when we got home, so getting into this amazing fluffy suit and having some pizza was... well, you know how life can be good sometimes. Today it was great. 

Stay geeky my friends!

Jade (LSP)

D.I.Y. Lumpy Space Princess costume

Hi everyone!

It's convention time again here in Belgium, and this year I wanted to go as Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time! Since I always get a lot of help from other people's tutorials when working on a DIY project, I thought I'd share the making-of process here! Like many people, I love cosplay but I'm not a great sewer. Sewer? Ew. Is there another word for this? Sewing person? One that sews? Anyway, most people would go to an auntie of a grandmother for help. Me? I have my fairy godmother: Elvi. 

For the base of the costume, we used a second hand ski coat. I liked how 'lumpy' it already was, and found it for just 1 euro. However, any base will do. A tight dress would be perfect. 

We cut part of it off, because it was kind of long. Just your regular cutting and sewing up again process. 

After seeing some other amazing LSP cosplays and some loofah costume tutorials I decided I wanted to work with tule to make the lumps. I ordered some online, which was the cheapest option. I cut the tule in pieces, which I then folded three times so it was layered. Elvi then tied some thread around the middle of each piece, so you got ribbons. 

Then, once we had our pile of tule ribbons, I started patiently sewing each ribbon on by hand. Elvi pinned them onto the coat while I was wearing it, and tried to spread them out so that the coat would be decently covered. Afterwards, I sewed them on while we ate fries and watched some Jane the Virgin. The tule hangs really flat at first, so you have to lump it up a bit by going through it with your fingers. You can also use safety pins to keep some important pieces in place. Also, I curled some tule around the collar, so my neck would be covered in tule.

And then it was finished! It's not too hard, it's pretty cheap and it looks adorable! I also made a star, which I cut out of a cardboard pizza box. I then used some needle and thread to attach it to a hair tie, and glued some yellow fabric to it (which I got from a second hand top, also 1 euro). I put my hair up in a high bun and simply tied the hair tie around it. I applied purple eye shadow to my eyelids and cheeks and wore purple lipstick. In my ears I wore pink crown earrings, because let's face it, I'm a princess. Add some purple nail polish, purple leggings and pink shoes to that and you're done! 

My boyfriend went as Finn. Clothes-wise this was a pretty simple cosplay because he already had everything he needed. All we had to do was make a Finn hat, which we did using another 1 euro second hand ski coat. We used this tutorial, which worked perfectly! 

Darn did we look cute! If you want to read about our day at F.A.C.T.S. and see more pictures, click HERE

Much love,



Hi lovely creatures!

We just wanted to post a little update on what we've been up to the last couple of months, because we have been kind of quiet on here. Basically, that's because we mostly want to use this blog for sharing new music, and none of our new music is shareable yet. In the good old days (note: 2011), we would just quickly throw something together, marvel at the fantastic song we just wrote, and share it right away. But nowadays (especially these past few months), what we're doing is writing a song, then changing it a bit, then mastering it for weeks (read: months), then deciding we want to do something different and starting over again, ... You get where we're going with this. So we've actually got a lot of great new stuff, but we're not ready to share it just yet, because you see, when we share it, we want it to be real good! We're also re-editing some old songs like Simplify, and the mix is so much better! Can't wait to share!

So what have we been doing this summer? Making music, obviously. Tiny got a Native Instruments Maschine MK2 which has really expanded the possibilities for us. We've been writing new songs, and been practising on how to master a song DIY-style. Aside from music, we've been enjoying the sun, travelling a bit, deciding to be healthier this summer, then binge eating pizza, then deciding to be healthier again.. You know, the usual summer stuff.

So, what have you guys been up to?

Much love, T&t

ps: if you want more regular updates on what we're doing, follow us on instagram @tallandtinytheband

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