Star Wars Disney Princesses

Once upon a time...

there was someone who transformed Disney princesses into Star Wars characters! His name is Ralph Sevelius and you can find his Deviantart page here. This probably makes those fans who hate the fact that Disney took over really grouchy, but I really like it (as long as the movie won't be Disney-ish, but after seeing the awesome trailer, I think we're safe) I really love Aurora, it's so clever put her in the carbonite! And Mulan makes a darn cool bounty hunter! Which one is your favourite? 

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Funny Lip Readings


Staying on the subject of The Hunger Games, I found this little treasure and it just made my day! At the end it gets really good. I love the absurdity of what they say so much! You can check out their youtube channel for another Hunger Games clip. (Via The Mary Sue

This youtube channel has a lot of these funny clips, like this one from Twilight (I actually don't know which conversations are the most awkward: these or the original ones?). They actually have a lot of Twilight ones. I guess it's just perfect material!

And they also have two Game of Thrones clips. I love Tyrion, Jamie and Daenerys! And Jeoffrey's voice is hilarious when he gets slapped. I just like watching him get slapped.

Isn't it funny how a little montage, and music (and funny lines, obviously) can change a movie so much? For more about this, read this previous post


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Mockingjay Nails

Another Hunger Games post!

I found this wonderful tutorial on youtube for Mockingjay nails and thought I'd share it here. I wore these when I went to see the movie! If you like them, try it yourself and don't forget to share your result with me!

Here is my picture of my own nails :

And here is the wonderful tutorial! Check out the channel, she has great stuff on there including many Christmas themed nails:

Obviously mine are not as perfect as hers, but I still think they worked out pretty well. :)

✎ Jade

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1


I went to see the Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 this week and I thought it was really good. To be honest, when reading the books I found Mockingjay the hardest one to get started in. The first part of the book was just so boring. When you finish reading Catching Fire you are super excited about what will happen next, and then in Mockingjay, the answer is: nothing. Nothing happens. A promo video here, a bomb there, but the story hardly progresses. However, the characters do. And they managed to really show that in the movie. 

The fact is: nothing happens. They try to get the rebellion going, but it is difficult and it is slow and it is painful. And as the characters you know and love go through all this, they suffer from a whole range of emotions: fear, anger, hate (beware of the dark side guys) as well as confusion and doubt. For me, the fact that there is not a lot of story progression in this movie actually makes the viewer understand what it must feel like for Katniss and the others. This reminds me of what Coin said to Katniss: "It’s the worst torture in the world, waiting when you know there’s nothing you can do."

I think this movie is not as sensational as the other two, but is by far the most emotional. Also, I think they really managed to show people what it is like to be in a war. Of course, watching a Hollywood movie cannot give you the slightest idea of what it is actually like, but still. War is loud. Bombs and airplanes are loud as hell. And war is also waiting, in silence and in fear. A lot of people don't appreciate the Hunger Games series very much, and link it to Twilight, but I don't see that at all. In Twilight you just have a whiney main character who can only talk about the boys she has a crush on. Whereas here, you have a strong but at the same time human and fragile young woman who goes through an incredibly interesting journey. I really think this movie is great, because it might make teenagers a more critical towards the media and press, as well as more understanding towards the concept of war.

All of that aside, it's just a very entertaining movie and I had a great time. :) They could have made the movie 30 minutes longer and finish it off all together, but I guess this way they will really have the time and space to say everything that should be said, and to show everything that should be shown. I'm really excited to see the final part next year!

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Star Wars Teaser


Omg omg omg this new Star Wars teaser went waaay beyond my expectations! Not that I didn't have high expectations of the film already (it was clear from the start that this is going to be one of the best movies ever), but I hadn't expected to see so much in this first teaser! I thought it would just be some guy with a deep voice reading words, like "Next year" dun dun dun "In movie theaters" dun dun duuun "The next" ... "Star Wars" and then maybe a quick shot of the Falcon. But no, this was so much more than that!!

Okay, so step by step: first of all we have the trooper. I was sucked into the story already when I saw that guy. So many troopers in the teaser, I wonder whose side they are on. Also, we got to see a pilot wearing the symbol of the Rebel Alliance on his vest and helmet, so clearly they are still in the game too. I really liked the girl and that really cool speeder she was driving, thought the red lightsaber was really cool (though the way it buzzed also reminded me of the IG-100 MagnaGuard's electrostaffs, so maybe it it's something in between that and a lightsaber?) and I loved the rolling droid! But my favourite part? The Falcon. I immediately called my boyfriend after watching the trailer and he said that it looked so realistic, which he was totally right about. Sometimes, CGI makes everything look fake, but here they really found the right mix between state-of-the-art special effects and actual sets, costumes and props. I mean, now I actually know what it would look like if the Millennium Falcon would fly by my house. And keep in mind that the movie is nowhere near finished, so imagine what it will all look like when it is!

What I really like is that even though there is new stuff in it (like the weird-looking saber and the droid), they stuck to the Star Wars basics: The Falcon, Tie Fighters, Troopers, Rebel Alliance, Light vs Dark etc. Also, "There has been an awakening, have you felt it?" and the title itself really give the fans some food for speculation. Off the top of my head: what if suddenly a lot of people get affected by the force? Like when in Buffy all the potentials suddenly become actual slayers. I could keep going on and on about possible theories for a couple of months now! I really think this is going to be the best Star Wars movie ever. And that's saying a lot, because, you know, Empire Strikes Back. But come on, how incredibly superduper fantastic does this look? Did you get #Geekbumps watching the teaser too? 

Omg omg omg! I'm so excited. 

Jedi Jade




We were looking back on some of our old photos and thought we'd share 'the best of' with you! We used to have another blog on wordpress, which some of you probably used to read back then. We started the blog so we could promote our band, but since nobody was interested in that (ouch), we starting posting fashion pictures instead. We would get a lot of page views from people through Chictopia which was great, and taking pictures of our outfits every day was really fun as well (see, this way, we can show our kids how cool we were when we were young haha)! But anyway, the blog kind of became a bit boring because we were so busy with school that we didn't have any time for anything else, and we ended up writing posts like "So, we didn't do anything today, except work in the library. Also, this is what we were wearing." which in all fairness, wasn't the most interesting food for thought.

And then this miracle blog appeared out of rainbows and sunshine and enlightened you with wonderful things like pixellated Game of Thrones characters and closets made out of boxes! And we will be posting music again soon, which we hope you'll like! 

So, since we think we shouldn't lose touch with our roots, here are some of our favourite fashion pictures! 

Love, TNT


Music maestro!


We just wanted to let you guys and girls know that we are working on our music again! In between other things of course, because we still have to go to school and/or make money, but still! It's great to be feeling those creative vibes again, and actually being able to do something with them! We're still going through a 'practising' phase though. It's been so long since we've used all these computer programs, and we kind of have to figure out how they work again. But making music is one of our favourite ways to pass the time, and so we don't mind clicking a button here and there and sometimes accidentally erasing the whole project or whatever. The process of making the music is why we do it, and the result.. Well that's nice to have too of course! 

Check out our colourful arrangement for The Yellow Tree, do you like it (uhuh)? 

And in case you're thinking "huh, music, what?" we make music which you can listen to here! Below is one of our oldest demo versions of "I Like It", with a lot of pictures from us at school. It's so strange to hear it, because we have much more recent versions... Don't worry, it will be uploaded when it's finished! And sorry for the blurry pictures.. Check out some better quality images on our old blog here and here! Ahh nostalgia.. 

Enjoy, and lots of love from
Tall and tiny


Vivi: Modern Romance

Romance in the city: fake flowers, but real love. 

Pictures were made on the last summer day of 2014 in Antwerp. 

All photos of me were taken by Sarah Janssens, Flowerphotos from Pinterest (Ellviism-Lovely Things)
Model: Elvi
Styling: Elvi
Hair & Makeup: Elvi  

What am I wearing? 
Dress: Vintage (altered by me)
Collar: H&M
Belt: H&M
Shoes: H&M 
Earrings: Wibra 


Game of Thrones - 90's Video Game

Hi guys! 

Ever wondered what a Game of Thrones video game would have looked like in a pixellated 90's style? Well feast your eyes on this! 

Pixel artist Charlie_pl has made these wonderful pieces of art for us to enjoy. Yay for us! Below, you can see each character from up close, and hopefully he'll be making more of these! I can't wait to see the rest of the characters! 

Oh, and in case you missed my earlier post on the pixellated Buffy video game, check it out HERE

✎ Jade


HEMA Hair Dye - Warm Copper Gold


I've been loving my red hair so far! It looks great, and it is so much easier to dye at home (than blonde, that is)! However, my hair had been losing it's colour lately, it really became a faded vanilla red (see 'before' picture below). So I decided to re-dye it! I looked up tons of products but they all got pretty bad reviews because they have a tendency to turn out pretty dark and wash out quickly. I rinsed my hair with a mixture of La Riche Directions (colour: tangerine) and conditioner to keep the colour vibrant for a while, but it was kind of reddish to my taste. Eventually, I ended up buying this product from the HEMA! It was really cheap (less than 7!) and it turned out really nice! You can see how nice and bright it looks outside in the picture below. Beware though, that this is red dye on top of dyed red hair. Maybe it'll look neon orange when used on blonde hair, no guarantees! I can't tell you how quickly it washes out just yet, because I've only dyed it last thursday, but I'll update when I know more. :-)

Also, a little extra, the conditioner that came with this package is the best thing that every happened to my hair. Seriously, try it.

*** DEC 27th Update*** It lasts pretty long, longer than other products I've tried. Of course it does still wash out eventually. If you want it to last as long as possible: only wash your roots, and use cold water. The longer you can keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant, the less often you will have to dye your hair, which is a good thing because dyeing is damaging!

*** JAN 19th Update*** When I dyed my hair red for the first time (at the salon), I went from platinum blonde to red. This meant that underneath the red colour, there was still white hair. So every time I washed my hair, a little red washed out and a little white came through. I just wanted to let you know that -if you have the same issue- it gets better. Every time you re-dye it red, the colour lasts longer. The first time it looked washed out after about 3 weeks, whereas now it stays vibrant for almost two months! I think almost all the 'white' is red now. :)


DIY - How to organise your tights

Hi everyone!

Don't you just hate it when you know you've got the perfect pair of tights matching your outfit are out somewhere, but you just can't find them? I've had this problem for a very long time, even more since my collection of tights kept growing over the years. I used to have all my tights in a drawer in my IKEA pax wardrobe, but since I moved to another studio with a lower ceiling I couldn't bring the wardrobe with me and so I had to settle with a much smaller wardrobe than the PAX one. I made an extra wardrobe out of moving boxes and used 3 of these boxes to store my tights, but it was really impossible to find them back. They also fell out quite often, so it was about time for a better solution!

I decided to google 'how to organise your tights', but most solutions were only useful when you don't have as many tights as I do. Then I came across something called "stoxbox" and this was the perfect solution for my storage problem! This is what it looks like:

 But.. these things are waaaaay too expensive for me! They are $24,95 for a set of 3 boxes. I've got 72 pairs of tights, meaning I'd have to buy 24 sets of $24,95 each, which will leave me at a total of $598,80. I think everyone will agree with me that it's a little ridiculous to pay that much for a solution to store tights!

OK, D.I.Y. to the rescue! Time to make my own little boxes! Since I still had a huge load of moving boxes lying around, I decided to use these. I have to admit, it took me quite a while (about 3 evenings) before the whole project was done, but the result is so good! I love the fact that I can immediately see all the tights that I have, I don't have to go trough all of them to find that one pair anymore and I just wear my tights a lot more! I didn't have to buy anything for this project, so you could say I saved $598,80! ;) 

So now you can make as many small 'boxes' as you need. The easiest way to store them is in a drawer, but unfortunately I didn't have enough empty drawers, so I had to hang them on the wall. 

I just used the bottoms of the same boxes I used before and made them 10 cm deep (The boxes are 8 cm, so enough space for them to not fall out) and put tape everywhere I could, so the cardboard wouldn't push the small boxes out. I also put small pieces of cardboard at the sides, so the little boxes are really 'squeezed' in place. I covered everything with some self-adhesive foil to make it look less cardboard like and used small nails (5-6 per big box) to hang them onto the wall. 

It's been hanging there for a couple of weeks now and nothing ever fell out :) 

So here's a quick before and after: 

Hopefully this will help out more people who struggle to organise their tights well. Please let me know if you're going to give it a try! I'd love to see other people's results! 

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