Casting Han Solo

Hi everyone!

So after seeing The Force Awakens three times in the cinema, we start fantasising about the next films. Obviously, we want to know how the story continues in Episode VIII, but that won't happen until may 2018 (about 500 days from today). However! We will be seeing the first anthology film Rogue One this year, and after that we'll be treated with a movie that focuses on a young Han Solo.

Now, finding a young actor worthy to fill mister Ford's shoes is not an easy task. A lot of actors have been auditioning for the part, but it seems like no one has been cast so far. In comes Anthony Ingruber! He is just a normal guy who does impressions on youtube. A while ago, he did this Han Solo impression and holy cow he is Han Solo! He even looks like him and has the acting skills! How cool would it be if they cast him?

You can actually sign the petition here. It's still very small, but who knows?

I support this!

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