Campaign of the Week: Diesel SS14


There are people who don't like advertisements in magazines, but when the ads are shot by great photographers and are showing awesome fashion, I really don't mind seeing lots of ads! I used to keep the nicest pictures from magazines and make collages in my Big Book of Fashion. At this point of my life the book is way too full (and almost falling apart) and with Pinterest for free, I barely buy magazines anymore. But I often see great campaigns coming by and would like to share these with you, so I decided it might be nice to share these with you!

This first one is the newest Diesel campaign. Called #Dieselhigh . What I like about the Diesel Campaign is the variety in models and the fact that all the models seems to have a lot of fun :) And one of my favourite models, Charlotte Free (+boyfriend Gryphon) stars in it! Creative director Nicola Formichetti about the campaign: "Sometimes fashion gets very serious about itself, we wanted to make smiles viral!"

Here are some pictures:

Photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Anna Trevelyan

If you'd like to see the model's laughing their asses off check out the short video teaser for the campaign: 

I like it!

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  1. En een america's next topmodel-model in een ├ęchte campagne! Maak dat mee..'


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