Study Time


I've been studying for weeks now and has been like there is no end to it! But this friday I will finally have my last, phew! I'm kind of stressed out about my last two exams, because I haven't had much time to study for them. I sort of invested the majority of my time in another exam, that I desperately wanted to pass. So now, I have to get into my zone and work my ass off, and then hopefully I'll be fine! I try to make studying more fun by using colourful markers and lots of washi tape. Also, in the evening I reward myself with some candy, a nice drink and a movie to fall asleep next to. How do you survive exams? 

Oh, and after reading about this app called Little Moments, I decided to give it a go! I just use the free version, but you can also download extra fonts etc. It's really nice, you can use it as a photo editor, but there is a little something extra! You get a daily prompt every day, to take a picture of something. It might seem silly and simple, but you really end up with a nice collection of pictures quite quickly! I took this one in the "Three Things" theme! 

✎ Jade

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