Star Wars day!

Hi everyone! 

Well, monday was Star Wars day and BOY it was impossible to not know it, right? I mean, two years ago it was a still rather unheard of (in this country, anyway), last year it became more popular and now all of a sudden everyone is obsessed with it? I mean, even Greenpeace and Ellen Degeneres were all over it! Maybe it's just me. Maybe I just didn't notice it the past couple of years. But I think it's safe to say that being geeky is super hip nowadays, right? Well, I don't mind! 

With The Force Awakens coming up, this year's Star Wars day was extra special. My boyfriend said to me: "Just imagine. Next year we'll be celebrating by watching The Force Awakens again!" That's so cool!! Since we were both super tired from working on our theses, we actually fell asleep watching episode III. But I woke up during the epic fight between Yoda and Sheev (yes, that is what we should call him, because it is an awesome, yet at the same time hilarious name). So, I guess I didn't miss out on the best parts? ;-) 

I also had some fun playing around with makeup and jewels, Queen Amidala style. I love how the makeup loses it's symmetry as soon as I smile. So THAT's why Amidala never smiles! 

I hope you all had a lovely Star Wars day. Let's keep counting down, episode VII we are so ready for you!! May the fourth be with you! 

Jedi Jade

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