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21 days ago, my favourite yoga teacher Erin Motz started another instagram challenge. The idea was, that we'd learn/practise an intense yoga pose daily, to become -as they say- 'summer ready'. Honestly, it's not that much about my summer bikini booty as it is about my actual health. I've been seeing my physical therapist a lot lately, and am really working on training my muscles. Also, I'm going to start running soon, I'll keep you up to date! Maybe we can start to run together and motivate each other? So anyway, I did this challenge for 21 days and I really enjoyed it! It's great when someone (in my case, my sweetest boyfriend) can take pictures of you doing yoga, because you really learn a lot from it. Sometimes I think I've got a pose all figured out, when really, I don't. It's only after having looked at the picture, that I realise my back isn't as straight as I thought it was. So you can really use challenges like this to refine your poses. And of course, try out new poses that you never knew existed! 

Another great thing about this challenge is getting in touch with other yogis. Everyone is prompted to add the hashtag #badyogi to their posts, and so when you look up the hashtag, you get this huge amount of photos of people all around the world who are doing the exact same pose as you are. And they are not extremely fit models who can do a handstand on their pinky finger with their legs twisted like pretzels. Nope, just people like you and me, doing yoga in front of the TV, or in the backyard. And seeing them is so motivating!  

I was fortunate enough to go to the beach for a week, which was awesome! I love doing yoga at the beach. Especially the creepy stuff like headstands. I'm still figuring those out, but once I got onto the soft and safe sand, I wasn't at all scared to try them! I also love looking at the vast sea, and the endless horizon. So peaceful. 

And also, the weather! It has been amazing! Aside from the fact that good weather is always awesome, it was extra awesome because I could do my yoga challenge outside almost every day. And I love doing yoga out in the fresh air! 

So... That's pretty much it! If you missed the challenge and feel like trying out some yoga poses, here are my instagram pictures (including some extra pictures of me doing headstands and sundials)! Enjoy! 

✎ Jade

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