Hi lovely creatures!

We just wanted to post a little update on what we've been up to the last couple of months, because we have been kind of quiet on here. Basically, that's because we mostly want to use this blog for sharing new music, and none of our new music is shareable yet. In the good old days (note: 2011), we would just quickly throw something together, marvel at the fantastic song we just wrote, and share it right away. But nowadays (especially these past few months), what we're doing is writing a song, then changing it a bit, then mastering it for weeks (read: months), then deciding we want to do something different and starting over again, ... You get where we're going with this. So we've actually got a lot of great new stuff, but we're not ready to share it just yet, because you see, when we share it, we want it to be real good! We're also re-editing some old songs like Simplify, and the mix is so much better! Can't wait to share!

So what have we been doing this summer? Making music, obviously. Tiny got a Native Instruments Maschine MK2 which has really expanded the possibilities for us. We've been writing new songs, and been practising on how to master a song DIY-style. Aside from music, we've been enjoying the sun, travelling a bit, deciding to be healthier this summer, then binge eating pizza, then deciding to be healthier again.. You know, the usual summer stuff.

So, what have you guys been up to?

Much love, T&t

ps: if you want more regular updates on what we're doing, follow us on instagram @tallandtinytheband

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