I like it music video + gig announcement


As most of you know, Tall and Tiny began in the spring of 2011. That same year, during winter, we decided to make a fun music video for our favourite song: I like it. Early in the morning, we dragged loads of clothes and camera equipment through the snow and went to class. We sat at the back of the auditorium, with all our bags around us, eager to start filming. After class we dragged everything straight to our rehearsing location, which fortunately, was nearby.

It was all done very clumsily, but we had so much fun. To this day, we cherish the memory of making this music video because it was absolutely a day to remember.

We never uploaded it though. It got edited and everything, but we never decided to share it. We kept thinking we might make a new version of the song and so we kept postponing it. Today however, we realise that the song is perfect just as it is. It's not as 'finished' as our newer songs, but it's a classic! We finally uploaded the video and you can watch it below. We hope you enjoy it!

If you are wondering what those 'newer songs' sound like, you should come see us perform. That's right, we are performing live soon! We are going to play on October 25th @Kinky Star in Ghent. Check out the Facebook event here. We will be playing loads of new songs! If you can't come, you can always keep an eye out for new songs on our Soundcloud. We are going to upload something really soon!

We hope to see you in Ghent!

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