Behind the Screens: I Know

Hi everyone!

We released our new song 'I Know' on Soundcloud a while back, and we wanted to give you peeps a little insight into the way we write our songs. You see, they go through many phases. Sometimes they get scrapped after a few weeks because we don't like them, and then a couple of months later we'll find them again and suddenly see lots of potential we didn't see before. Our songs undergo many changes. For instance, we wrote 'Simplify' in early 2015, but we've been remixing it and it sounds quite different now. Check our instagram for a little preview of that!

So! We wanted to give you a little 'behind the screens' with Tall and Tiny. We could show you what was actually on our screens, but that might not make a lot of sense to you. That's why we're not going to show you, but we're going to let you listen! Below are some of the phases 'I Know' underwent. We started working on it in March 2016, and finished it about a month ago. Without further ado, let's do this!

1st Version The first version was instrumental and totally different from what it eventually became. However, you'll hear some parts that might sound familiar.

2nd Version This second version is so weird to hear once you've gotten used to the finished one. In this version, vocals were added. However, the lyrics as well as the melody are entirely different. Everything was recorded very quickly, just so we wouldn't forget our ideas. It isn't mastered or decently recored, but you have an idea of where we were going with this. Also, note how it used to be 'Oh no' instead of 'I Know' isn't that hilarious?

3rd Version The third version might sound more recognizable already. We kind of scrapped everything, but kept the basics. The beat was still a bit boring though, and the mix was still very flat. But no worries, we were getting there..

And then here we are, the final version! After weeks (...months? Felt like years.) of mastering we finally felt happy about the song and decided to publish it. Here it is!

So, did you like this little overview? Let us know what you think!

Lots of love,

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