Two sneak peeks!

Long time no see! Since our usual excuses of school and work are becoming a little repetitive and boring, we'll just say we were on a top secret mission, wearing awesome rainbow coloured aluminium suits while riding heroic unicorns made out of unboiled pasta. Better?

Okay, moving on! Aside from the above-mentioned, we've also been working a lot on our music! We get together every two weeks to discuss new songs and ideas. We both work on songs at home and send them back and forth to one another for adjustments. We have several new songs for you, and -despite the fact that we ourselves are saying this- they are really good! We can't wait to share them with you!

But, for now, these sneak peeks will have to do.
Stay great!

Love, Tall and tiny

Oh oh oh! And follow us on Instagram. Thank you and good day!

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