A Quick Resolution Check

Ho ho ho and Happy 2017 everyone!

We wanted to come back to our hopes and resolutions from last year. Let's revise shall we?

1. Level up at least twice this year

We're pretty sure we've aced this one. I mean, we've definitely grown in many ways. Our music got better, we've become healthier, we're making progress study/career-wise... Level up: check!

2. Get new superpowers and new gear

A new recording microphone and a Maschine mk2: check!

3. Increased health and mana + stamina boost

Well, we've been eating pretty healthily (what an impossible word to type) and have been exercising (another hard word omg) regularly. So I'm pretty sure we're good here.

4. The year of supergirls in fly capes

Definitely! Feminism is all the rage again, and there was actually a tv-series about supergirl on CBS. Also, we released a song for International Women's Day!

5. Contribute to world peace

Well, our feminist song was a good start, right?

6. Get a press release

Our song was played on a local radio station and we got to do a little interview, so check! Though we want to go bigger next year!

7. Finally know what happened to John Snow.

Check that.

8. May scientists reveal that candy is just like a healthy meal

Well, we might not be there yet, but at least this is good news.

9. Make Tall and Tiny action figure toys

Darn, didn't do this yet! Maybe move this one over to next year?

10. Watch the new Star Wars

Even though this was still in 2015, it was awesome. And Rogue One was awesome!

11. New TNT songs

Yes! Finally! Click here to listen!

So hey, we didn't do a bad job! Hooray! Now let's make 2017 awesome AF.

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