Don't forget: gig time!


We just want to remind you that we are playing live on friday 27/03! We'll be playing @Jeugdcentrum Vizit in Wilrijk (de bist) around 10pm and it is going to be awesome! We just rehearsed all weekend. We had to prep our songs so they would be playable live, which was a lot of work! Also, we've never played a long set like this before, with backing tracks, so we are very exited and curious to find out how it goes! Not to worry though, even when it goes wrong during our rehearsals, we still have tons of fun playing our songs. They are really growing on us... 

Reasons to come?

♫ Tall and tiny is the best band ever! 
♫ The cafe is super cozy, and at 8:30pm it's happy hour! Bubbles and wine for just 1 euro! 
♫ We'll be playing a new song, entirely exclusive, yay! 
♫ Because we really want you there! The more faces looking and the more bodies dancing: the better! 

Still not convinced? Science!!

Haha, we're just kidding. 
Though, you really should come and watch us play. 
Like, really.


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