Hi everyone! 

We had such a wonderful evening yesterday! We played live at the 'Vizit' cafe and the atmosphere and the audience were amazing. So many people came to us afterwards, to tell us how original and cheerful our music was. One person said: you totally cheered me up! That really means a lot, because spreading happiness is what we love to do!

We played our new song for the first time, but for those of you who couldn't make it last night, we uploaded it on Soundcloud! It's called Simplify. You see, a lot of our songs tend to be a little over the top and we wanted to make something more basic. Something simple. But... We failed! And we love it! We hope you like it as well. Please leave comments below, we love reading them! 

Thanks for everyone who came, you were great! 
To the others: next time! 

Lots of love and rainbows and purple hippo's from
Tall and tiny

ps: videos and pictures of the gig will be uploaded soon!

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