Enter the Jadieverse!

Hi everyone! 

As they say in the first episode of Futurama: "Welcome, to the world of tomorrooow!" Or as some people with no sense of imagination would call it: our new blog. I'm quite exited about this new blog, because here I will have my own space to type about stuff I really like, and maybe I'll get to know some people who like the same things (or inspire people who didn't like them to start liking them too!). Wow, that sentence didn't come out the way I thought it would. Clearly I've been out of this for a while! 

So anyway! Thanks for checking in and hopefully you guys (and girls, duh) will enjoy reading my posts! And to end this first post -to which in the future people will refer to as 'the beginning of the supergeneration'- I will add a photo of two of the best llamas in the world, because. 


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