Welcome to Elviism!

Hey you! 

Since Jade already told you what's she gonna post on this blog, I'll give you an idea about what my future posts will be like! It's going to be a mix of fashion and d.i.y.'s. What kind of fashion? Any kind, as long as it's not too normal or boring. I get inspired by high fashion labels, but also by walking in the city or travelling. This can be sitting in a train for 3 hours to go see my parents in the Netherlands, flying to Shanghai or exploring a new part of the world! (This works fine through Pinterest as well)

I'll show you pics from awesome things that inspire me to create an outfit or to make a d.i.y. project. These projects can be anything fashion related (including fashionable nails / fashionable hair braids / fashionable interiors / fashionable food / fashionable hair dyeing  and not to forget fashionable clothes). I'll try to make as many original projects as possible, or will give you the best d.i.y. tips that I found somewhere else. 

For now, I'm working on my first d.i.y. project for this blog and it will help you organise and store your tights and stockings in an easy way, so you can always find that exact pair you were searching for! 

I also did my first real fashion photoshoot yesterday, so will be sharing those pics with you too! 

I'm really looking forward to share my ideas, inspiration and projects with you all! 
Thanks for reading! 

Xx Elvi 

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