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In my first 'actual' post I'd like to share one of my favourite stores! It's a comic book store called the 'Mekanik Strip' which is located in Antwerp. I used to go there as a kid, because they have a lot of action figures and weapon replicas from really cool movies and TV series, but now I also go there for the books (haha sounds very grown up). The thing with this store is, walking around there is an activity as it is. It's like going to a museum, or the zoo. However, if you have the money, leaving the store with a bag full of goodies is obviously even more fun. I went there this week and bought my first book by Moebius, called 'Sra'.

Moebius (some might remember him as 'Giraud') makes such fantastic drawings! I only recently discovered about his existence when I found some of his work on my dad's pinterest. Then, I found out he also made the concept designs for one of my No. 1 favorite movies: The Fifth Element! And then I fell in love with his work. Looking at his drawings feels like getting sucked into this really weird science fiction world, that -while your in it- seems to make more sense than the world you actually live in. Apart from the weird and absurd elements, I really like the colours. They are so vibrant and cheerful!

To give you guys an idea of how awesome he is, I will share a part of the first page of the book I bought with you: 

Okay, beautiful drawing, but still rather sober (colourwise). But wait! What is that wonderful creature to the right? Why, it's only the coolest bird ever! And this is only a detail on the actual page. 

That's all for today! Mekanik Strip = Awesome. Moebius = Awesome. 

Enjoy some more drawings of Moebius below and see you next time! 

✎ Jade

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