Welcome to the TNT Universe

Hi everyone! 

We are back! And not only are we back, we are better! We started our first blog on Wordpress in March 2012 and we've learned a lot from that experience. We had a lot of fun doing it back then. We would wear cool outfits and have one of our best friends take a picture of us every day after class and then share these pictures with you guys! This was super fun but after a while it got a little boring. We were so busy with school and other projects that the taking of the pictures had to be done really quickly. And the final blow that killed off the last blog, was basically that our lives just changed. Initially, we were together almost every single day and it just felt easy and natural to have this blog together. But then we weren't in the same class anymore, and didn't even live in the same city anymore which made everything a lot harder. So about a year ago (wow has it been that long?) we stopped blogging. And we didn't really finish it off neatly, it just sort of... died out.

There. Hopefully that Pumba gif made it all better! 

So anyway, we are back! And as we said before: better! Why better? Well, first of all we are -as you can see- using a different website. Even though we are very thankful to Wordpress for allowing us to start blogging so easily, we think Blogspot will give us more access to free customisation. For now it still looks pretty simple, but we are working on a personalised banner already! Another reason we're better is that this is basically an entirely different kind of blog. We are not just going to post random pictures anymore, but instead we'll be talking about some of our favourite things. We named the blog 'TNT exploring the world" because that's what we're doing. We are living our everyday lives and exploring the world around us, and then we tell you about our experiences and all of the wonderful things we discovered! For Jade this means talking about her favourite videogames and anything nerdy she can think of such as comic books, tv-series, action figures, etc. For Elvi this means writing about fashion (including her own, obviously) and sharing her DIY projects with you! So hopefully, reading this blog will inspire you to read comic books, play videogames, wear awesome outfits and make really cool stuff out of the stuff you already own! 

Last but not least, we are still a band! We don't have a lot of time to work on our music together but we do still make music and will share updates on this blog too! In case you haven't seen it, here is our music video for sold his soul! (Please watch in full screen, this little video is just ridiculous)

And if you have no idea who we are and what the hell we are babbling about, you can find our previous blog HERE. Also, we have a Facebook page which you a very welcome to follow here: www.facebook.com/tallandtiny. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below or send an e-mail to tallandtiny@hotmail.be! 

We're really excited about this new blog, and hope you are too! 



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