It's all about ME!

Okay first of all: Happy happy birthday to me!!

Second of all: if you are subscribing (yay!) and you're reading this on your e-mail, please oh please come read on the actual website, it's so much prettier.

Okay, back to the me!

My birthday was actually a week ago, but I haven't shared my awesome gifts with you guys yet! My boyfriend got me some really great presents. He got me a bottle of Chanel No. 5. CHANEL! The best way to describe how I felt after spraying it on is this:

Okaay, so, Tinkerbell and Chanel aside, let's talk about the gifts that actually fit into this part of the blog! I will show you guys the books I got from my boyfriend in this post, and will discuss the presents I got from my family tomorrow! I got the third volume of a comic book named 'Star Wars Tales'. Why the third volume? Because it has Han Solo on the cover. My boyfriend knows me so well... ^^ Also, it has a really cool bit about princess Leia as a rebellious teenager who doesn't like her neat 'bun' hairstyle. 

Also, I got a book from Shaun Tan called 'The Bird King: An Artist's Notebook'. If you guys don't know who Shaun Tan is, please oh please look him up. He is so amazing! I will write another post about him later, entirely dedicated to his work. The book I got is like his autobiography, but instead of just writing about his life, he compiled a lot of drawings from old sketchbooks. He explains how some of these tiny raw drawings are often better than the perfected final version he publishes. There's also a lovely part where he explains a theory of Paul Klee, who says that sketching is like taking a line for a walk. Shaun Tan also thinks everyone should try to give their own meaning to his drawings, which I really like because I feel the same way about our music and lyrics. When people ask me what a certain song is about, I can't really answer them. I can tell them what it's about for me, but that doesn't mean it can't be about something entirely different for somebody else. So anyway, here is a picture of the book and I'll show you more of his work later! 

Alrighty that's it folks! Don't you just love these presents? I love getting presents. Apart from the terrifying act of aging, birthdays are pretty amazing. They always remind me of that one scene in the movie 'Hook' where hook explains how children always think "Me me me, I want I want I want, now now now." (you can watch it HERE) Haha, I love having a me me me day. ME ME ME! 

✎ Jade (me!)

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