Our 2014 Overview

Hi you!

Before we kick in the new year, we'd like to look back on some of the best things about the past year (yes, we're using flowers for this one)!

TNT had a bit of a break during the summer, but then we felt a sudden urge to make music, which is such a wonderful feeling. Inspiration! 
We have made a big step towards recording our first album (find out how we do it here!)
Jade got her Bachelor's degree and decided to go for the Master's, and Elvi started teaching piano lessons and doing modelling jobs, just like she always wanted.
We have been quite healthy this year (Elvi runs and Jade does yoga)
The music video for Sold His Soul was made and published, thank you all for the praise and feedback! 
We started this blog!

Some of our most read posts so far include: Jade talking about F.A.C.T.S., Elvi sharing her romantic photoshoot and the sneak peek to our new song! 

Now, we know that it's mostly been nerdie posts (which we hope you've enjoyed so far), but there will be a lot of DIY projects next year (plus, Elvi actually has a very cool photoshoot to share with you soon!) and of course there will be a lot of music! Once we finish some of our new songs, we'll share them with you asap, promised! 

As far as resolutions are concerned, we'd basically like to keep up all the things we just listed above. We hope we can remain strong and healthy, work hard, and between working and studying have fun and make music! If we could make a wish, it would be getting to hear from you. We love reading comments, so really, feel free to share any thoughts you have with us here! Do you have resolutions? Inspire us! 

Enjoy your new year's eve, and have a very happy 2015. 

Tall and tiny

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