Hi everyone! 

About a year ago I started doing something that has really changed my life for the better: yoga. Now, as you're reading this, you're probably thinking "I should do some yoga too, but I'll never be good enough at it" and that's why I write this post. To say: NO! No no no, that's not true at all! Yoga can seem like (and often is) exclusive to a community of absurdly flexible, strictly vegan and spiritually enlightened people who make you feel like you're chubby and immoral and remind you of the fact that you cannot even bend over to tie your shoelaces or pet your dog.  

I always felt intimidated by yoga as well, until I discovered Erin Motz' youtube channel. She has a playlist called the 30 day yoga challenge which contains 30 videos from about 15-20 minutes, in which she teaches yoga classes for beginners. She is the reason why I got over my fear of yoga. I'm just going to quote her, because she says it so well:

"If you’re constantly afraid of making a mistake or that people will judge you or think you’re weird or stupid, and you base your actions on those things alone, you’ll only get as far as everyone else’s acceptable standard."

She invented the concept of the bad yogi, which means that you can do yoga without feeling like you have to be part of a certain community, or adjust your entire lifestyle and eating habits. Yoga is for anyone, so yes, that includes you! If you want to know if you are a bad yogi too, check out her website here

My boyfriend's mom got me the official bad yogi tank, and I've enjoyed doing my morning sun salutation in it, after which I rewarded myself with a bit of chocolate, #badyogi style. 

If you are at all interested, give it a go! Here are the links to:
The 30 day yoga challenge (Do You Yoga Channel)
The 4 week yoga challenge (Bad Yogi Channel) 

And don't forget: it's not about stretching super far until you're injured! Just take it easy, keep breathing and enjoy your practice. You'll feel all different really quickly. :) 

Lots of love, and remember, bad is good.

✎ Jade

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