The Force Awakens - The Earliest Parodies


A couple of days after the teaser for The Force Awakens came out, a lot of parodies have been made already. I'd like to share some here!

The first is what the teaser would have looked like according to fans, if it had been made by George Lucas. I think they're kind of right about it. :p Laughing with George Lucas aside, he is a brilliant man and I am thankful to him for bringing Star Wars into the world! There are other George Lucas parodies on youtube, but I liked this one the best.

The second one is kind of a similar concept, only this one shows what the teaser would have looked like if Abrams got his way with it. They put in a lot of flares, which, especially when the Millennium Falcon comes in, is done really well.

This one is my favourite! Very quickly after the release of the teaser, someone made this wonderful Lego version of it!

Last but not least: The Disney version, of course! Humour aside, those Goofy faces on the trooper's helmets are so darn scary...

*** 3/12 update *** I'm adding this Wes Anderson parody as well. It would be so cool if he would make an epic science fiction movie like this... 

Hope you enjoy them!

✎ Jade

Ps: here's an early 'happy holidays' for you!

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