Tall and tiny's "How We Make Music"

Hello all!

We've been working on our music together, and we wanted to share our ingenious way of doing so, with -wait for it...- you! 

Since we live in different cities, and since we have busy schedules, we decided that getting together for rehearsals just wasn't the way to go if we wanted to make some progress. So, what we do is the following (and yes we are summing it up with tiny snowmen, because 't is the season): 

☃ One of us makes the base for a new song. (drum track, bass line and basic singing melody)
☃ The file (which is a logic project) is sent to the other. 
☃ Then, the other one can make some changes and adds some stuff (electric piano, new vocal line).
☃ Then the whole project is sent back again, and that's the way we do it. Back and forth, back and forth!

See, in order to be able to work this way, you really need to get along well, and fortunately, we do! We are very honest with each other about our projects. If one of us adds something to the song that the other one hates, it's easier to be honest about it and change it, instead of being grumpy about it and not liking your own song anymore. Best thing is, this actually rarely happens. =) 

What's wonderful about this way of making music, is that whenever either one of us is feeling 'stuck' (you know, writer's block) we can just send it to each other. Also, you get such fun things if you work together, yet apart. We keep surprising each other with new lyrics or new riffs and it's really exciting to receive an updated version of a song through WeTransfer, because we never know what we're going to get! 

So, that's what we wanted to share! Do you think you would like making music this way? 
And, nostalgic as we are sometimes, here are some pictures of us rehearsing and playing together! 

Tall and tiny

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