HEMA Hair Dye - Warm Copper Gold


I've been loving my red hair so far! It looks great, and it is so much easier to dye at home (than blonde, that is)! However, my hair had been losing it's colour lately, it really became a faded vanilla red (see 'before' picture below). So I decided to re-dye it! I looked up tons of products but they all got pretty bad reviews because they have a tendency to turn out pretty dark and wash out quickly. I rinsed my hair with a mixture of La Riche Directions (colour: tangerine) and conditioner to keep the colour vibrant for a while, but it was kind of reddish to my taste. Eventually, I ended up buying this product from the HEMA! It was really cheap (less than 7!) and it turned out really nice! You can see how nice and bright it looks outside in the picture below. Beware though, that this is red dye on top of dyed red hair. Maybe it'll look neon orange when used on blonde hair, no guarantees! I can't tell you how quickly it washes out just yet, because I've only dyed it last thursday, but I'll update when I know more. :-)

Also, a little extra, the conditioner that came with this package is the best thing that every happened to my hair. Seriously, try it.

*** DEC 27th Update*** It lasts pretty long, longer than other products I've tried. Of course it does still wash out eventually. If you want it to last as long as possible: only wash your roots, and use cold water. The longer you can keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant, the less often you will have to dye your hair, which is a good thing because dyeing is damaging!

*** JAN 19th Update*** When I dyed my hair red for the first time (at the salon), I went from platinum blonde to red. This meant that underneath the red colour, there was still white hair. So every time I washed my hair, a little red washed out and a little white came through. I just wanted to let you know that -if you have the same issue- it gets better. Every time you re-dye it red, the colour lasts longer. The first time it looked washed out after about 3 weeks, whereas now it stays vibrant for almost two months! I think almost all the 'white' is red now. :)

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