DIY - How to organise your tights

Hi everyone!

Don't you just hate it when you know you've got the perfect pair of tights matching your outfit are out somewhere, but you just can't find them? I've had this problem for a very long time, even more since my collection of tights kept growing over the years. I used to have all my tights in a drawer in my IKEA pax wardrobe, but since I moved to another studio with a lower ceiling I couldn't bring the wardrobe with me and so I had to settle with a much smaller wardrobe than the PAX one. I made an extra wardrobe out of moving boxes and used 3 of these boxes to store my tights, but it was really impossible to find them back. They also fell out quite often, so it was about time for a better solution!

I decided to google 'how to organise your tights', but most solutions were only useful when you don't have as many tights as I do. Then I came across something called "stoxbox" and this was the perfect solution for my storage problem! This is what it looks like:

 But.. these things are waaaaay too expensive for me! They are $24,95 for a set of 3 boxes. I've got 72 pairs of tights, meaning I'd have to buy 24 sets of $24,95 each, which will leave me at a total of $598,80. I think everyone will agree with me that it's a little ridiculous to pay that much for a solution to store tights!

OK, D.I.Y. to the rescue! Time to make my own little boxes! Since I still had a huge load of moving boxes lying around, I decided to use these. I have to admit, it took me quite a while (about 3 evenings) before the whole project was done, but the result is so good! I love the fact that I can immediately see all the tights that I have, I don't have to go trough all of them to find that one pair anymore and I just wear my tights a lot more! I didn't have to buy anything for this project, so you could say I saved $598,80! ;) 

So now you can make as many small 'boxes' as you need. The easiest way to store them is in a drawer, but unfortunately I didn't have enough empty drawers, so I had to hang them on the wall. 

I just used the bottoms of the same boxes I used before and made them 10 cm deep (The boxes are 8 cm, so enough space for them to not fall out) and put tape everywhere I could, so the cardboard wouldn't push the small boxes out. I also put small pieces of cardboard at the sides, so the little boxes are really 'squeezed' in place. I covered everything with some self-adhesive foil to make it look less cardboard like and used small nails (5-6 per big box) to hang them onto the wall. 

It's been hanging there for a couple of weeks now and nothing ever fell out :) 

So here's a quick before and after: 

Hopefully this will help out more people who struggle to organise their tights well. Please let me know if you're going to give it a try! I'd love to see other people's results! 

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