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We just wanted to let you guys and girls know that we are working on our music again! In between other things of course, because we still have to go to school and/or make money, but still! It's great to be feeling those creative vibes again, and actually being able to do something with them! We're still going through a 'practising' phase though. It's been so long since we've used all these computer programs, and we kind of have to figure out how they work again. But making music is one of our favourite ways to pass the time, and so we don't mind clicking a button here and there and sometimes accidentally erasing the whole project or whatever. The process of making the music is why we do it, and the result.. Well that's nice to have too of course! 

Check out our colourful arrangement for The Yellow Tree, do you like it (uhuh)? 

And in case you're thinking "huh, music, what?" we make music which you can listen to here! Below is one of our oldest demo versions of "I Like It", with a lot of pictures from us at school. It's so strange to hear it, because we have much more recent versions... Don't worry, it will be uploaded when it's finished! And sorry for the blurry pictures.. Check out some better quality images on our old blog here and here! Ahh nostalgia.. 

Enjoy, and lots of love from
Tall and tiny

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