DIY - Wardrobe made out of moving boxes

Hi there!

I used to have this beautiful Ikea pax wardrobe with 4 doors, but I moved to a smaller studio and couldn't bring it with me because it was too high for the new ceiling! I needed an extra wardrobe (the wardrobe that came with the studio was far from being able to fit both my boyfriend and my clothes in it), so I decided to make a temporary wardrobe out of boxes that I still had from moving to the new place while looking for a new one. Well, after 3 months, the diy wardrobe is still alive and I decided to keep it, since it's super practical and only needed for another year till we move out to a different place with higher ceilings!

What do you need?
* moving boxes
* tape
* stanley knife or scissors
* big piece of lace or other fabric to cover the whole wardrobe (optional)

some extra tips to make the wardrobe last longer:

* make sure the boxes are leaning against a wall or other wardrobe, this makes the whole thing more stable. (Mine is  leaning against the wall and another wardrobe at the right side)
* fold boxes to make an extra layer in between the rows (as seen in picture 1). This is where you might need a stanley knife or some scissors to make them fit.
* Don't cut off the top part of the boxes (the part where you usually would open the box), fold this into the box.
* the piece of lace will prevent sunlight or dust damaging your clothes.

The result:

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