Magnificent Magenta


I went to a (really fun!) Halloween party yesterday, and, since it's a Halloween party we all dressed up! I knew I didn't have the budget to go buy anything, so I started thinking about an easy and low budget costume. Since many costumes are all about the hair, and require you to get colouring spray or a wig, I decided to use my own hair as a starting point. Who has the same hair colour as me? Why, Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show does! Columbia would have been even better, since she has shorter hair (like I do), but her costume was just too hard to make without having to buy anything. Magenta however, was quite easy! All you need is a black dress, and a white apron (which you can make out of old curtains yourself). I made a little cap out of an old tablecloth, and borrowed some of my mom's old shoes. 

For the hair, I washed it and dried it. But even though it seems dry, it never really is. When I put my hair in a ponytail after drying it, it always looks ridiculous when I take the ponytail out afterwards. So I washed it, dried it, and then made lots and lots of little braids. Then, I went over the braids with a flat iron and sprayed a lot of hairspray on them. And then it was waiting time. I left the braids in for a long time (about 5 hours I think) and in the meantime I did all the rest! I put some dark red nail polish on, and used a sponge (nothing fancy, just a kitchen sponge) do dab some white face paint om my face (for the pale look). Then I used this little thing I found on pinterest for the make up (which I found quite accurate):

Next, all I had to do was take the braids out and tadaa! I was done! I think it worked out pretty well! I can't show you my full outfit, because I don't have high quality pictures of that, but I did take this one with my photobooth, so you can see how it worked out. =)

Let's do the timewarp again!

✎ Jade

Magenta costume

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