Funny Lip Readings


Staying on the subject of The Hunger Games, I found this little treasure and it just made my day! At the end it gets really good. I love the absurdity of what they say so much! You can check out their youtube channel for another Hunger Games clip. (Via The Mary Sue

This youtube channel has a lot of these funny clips, like this one from Twilight (I actually don't know which conversations are the most awkward: these or the original ones?). They actually have a lot of Twilight ones. I guess it's just perfect material!

And they also have two Game of Thrones clips. I love Tyrion, Jamie and Daenerys! And Jeoffrey's voice is hilarious when he gets slapped. I just like watching him get slapped.

Isn't it funny how a little montage, and music (and funny lines, obviously) can change a movie so much? For more about this, read this previous post


✎ Jade

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