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Omg omg omg this new Star Wars teaser went waaay beyond my expectations! Not that I didn't have high expectations of the film already (it was clear from the start that this is going to be one of the best movies ever), but I hadn't expected to see so much in this first teaser! I thought it would just be some guy with a deep voice reading words, like "Next year" dun dun dun "In movie theaters" dun dun duuun "The next" ... "Star Wars" and then maybe a quick shot of the Falcon. But no, this was so much more than that!!

Okay, so step by step: first of all we have the trooper. I was sucked into the story already when I saw that guy. So many troopers in the teaser, I wonder whose side they are on. Also, we got to see a pilot wearing the symbol of the Rebel Alliance on his vest and helmet, so clearly they are still in the game too. I really liked the girl and that really cool speeder she was driving, thought the red lightsaber was really cool (though the way it buzzed also reminded me of the IG-100 MagnaGuard's electrostaffs, so maybe it it's something in between that and a lightsaber?) and I loved the rolling droid! But my favourite part? The Falcon. I immediately called my boyfriend after watching the trailer and he said that it looked so realistic, which he was totally right about. Sometimes, CGI makes everything look fake, but here they really found the right mix between state-of-the-art special effects and actual sets, costumes and props. I mean, now I actually know what it would look like if the Millennium Falcon would fly by my house. And keep in mind that the movie is nowhere near finished, so imagine what it will all look like when it is!

What I really like is that even though there is new stuff in it (like the weird-looking saber and the droid), they stuck to the Star Wars basics: The Falcon, Tie Fighters, Troopers, Rebel Alliance, Light vs Dark etc. Also, "There has been an awakening, have you felt it?" and the title itself really give the fans some food for speculation. Off the top of my head: what if suddenly a lot of people get affected by the force? Like when in Buffy all the potentials suddenly become actual slayers. I could keep going on and on about possible theories for a couple of months now! I really think this is going to be the best Star Wars movie ever. And that's saying a lot, because, you know, Empire Strikes Back. But come on, how incredibly superduper fantastic does this look? Did you get #Geekbumps watching the teaser too? 

Omg omg omg! I'm so excited. 

Jedi Jade

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