We were looking back on some of our old photos and thought we'd share 'the best of' with you! We used to have another blog on wordpress, which some of you probably used to read back then. We started the blog so we could promote our band, but since nobody was interested in that (ouch), we starting posting fashion pictures instead. We would get a lot of page views from people through Chictopia which was great, and taking pictures of our outfits every day was really fun as well (see, this way, we can show our kids how cool we were when we were young haha)! But anyway, the blog kind of became a bit boring because we were so busy with school that we didn't have any time for anything else, and we ended up writing posts like "So, we didn't do anything today, except work in the library. Also, this is what we were wearing." which in all fairness, wasn't the most interesting food for thought.

And then this miracle blog appeared out of rainbows and sunshine and enlightened you with wonderful things like pixellated Game of Thrones characters and closets made out of boxes! And we will be posting music again soon, which we hope you'll like! 

So, since we think we shouldn't lose touch with our roots, here are some of our favourite fashion pictures! 

Love, TNT

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