In Love With Flower Dresses

Cut-out flower dress - River Island
lace earrings - Konplott
Bracelets - Camps & Camps & vintage
Background found on Pinterest

Hi there!

I never realised it until I was comparing photos of different photo shoots I did last year: I just love flower dresses! Why flower dresses? Well, it's not only flower dresses that I like, I also love flower tops, flower bags and flower accessories. But it's the flowers that make the dress different, it gives personality to the dress. And the flower dress can be styled in so many different ways! Obviously, styling it in a romantic way with lots of pink is a great choice, but how about mixing flowers with rock, or tropical prints? The possibilities are endless! And when you're done with the mixing and matching you can always go back to just wearing the flower dress with just a pair of beautiful shoes, because the flower dress looks good with anything!

Tropical flower dress - Vintage
Collar - H&M
Earrings - Wibra
background found on Pinterest

Dress - Mango
Earrings - vintage
background found on Pinterest
Ps. Here are some more great flower dresses! (pics from pinterest ) 

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