TNT Instagram Challenge!


We're announcing our very own Instagram Challenge, yay! For 7 days, we will each post a picture within a certain theme and invite all of you to do the same! Every day around noon (here in +2 Belgium) we will post the challenge and then it's all up to you to do the same thing! If you don't have an Instagram account, don't worry, we'll post them on our blog as well and you can always e-mail us your picture at Tallandtiny@hotmail.be, post your picture on Facebook or if you have either of us on Whatsapp or Hangouts, that's okay too. To join the challenge, follow 'princesslettuce' and 'elviism' on Instagram, or check the blog daily! 

Oh, and don't forget: if you post on Instagram of Facebook, use the hashtag #TNTExploringTheWorld! That way we can trace all of your posts!

Ready? Set?


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