Washi Tape

Hi everyone! 

Just spamming Vivi's part of the blog for a moment, to share with you, the magic that is 'Washi Tape'. You may have heard of it, and seen it on pinterest and other blogs, but you probably don't know how incredibly addictive and fun it is yet! My sister gave me a notebook for Christmas, which I decided to use as a diary. After writing in it for a couple of days, I decided I wanted to personalise it. 

Now, I knew from the start that just writing my name on it wouldn't be a good idea. Why? Because I suck at this kind of stuff. Like, really: suck. Every time I try to make something it ends up becoming one big grey blob of awful. I guess that explains why I never post on the DIY part of the blog, eh? So anyway, I called up my sister and asked her if I could use her alphabet stamps. Can't go wrong with stamps right? 

Guess again.

There you go, evidence. I suck. 

So, I decided to wipe that off (which worked, phew!) and try something else. I went to the HEMA to buy some washi tape. It is really cheap and you can get it in a lot of stores nowadays because it's so popular. Next, I started taping away, and look how nice it turned out! (It actually looks even nicer in real life, but I can't find the battery charger of our camera so this picture was made with my sweet little telephone that couldn't take a decent picture if it's life depended on it)

Now listen, if Jade can do it, so can you. It's really addictive and I've started taping this stuff to almost everything I own. Some people actually use wide washi tape to decorate their house, you should look it up on pinterest! 

Anyway, point made. I suck at DIY (stamps included) but this washi tape is miraculous stuff and you should go buy it and washi-up everything you see!

Love, Jade 

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