New Song: BEEP

Hi you!!

You've been so wonderfully patient! And now, today, just as promised, we are sharing our new song with you! It's called BEEP (and is in no way like that Pussycat Dolls song that goes by the same name). It's really the beginning of a new era for us, because this will be the first song for our album! 

We have made lots of songs before this one, and uploaded them on our youtube channel. But most of them just didn't sound finished. The last couple of months we tried to refine them a little and add more instruments, but it always ended up kind of messy. So we decided to scrap our old songs and start anew. We learned how to make arrangements on our laptops and had a lot of fun with it

We hope you'll love it and have it stuck inside your head all day long, just like you did when you heard I Like It in 2012. 

TNT out! Beep!

(oh and please watch it in 1080p HD, even though it's just a picture. We hate blurry videos...)

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