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Welcome to the world of tomorrow! A.K.A. today. 

According to one of my favourite movies, Back To The Future II, we should all look like this by october 21st. Honestly? I could live with it. It's freaky and colourful, which is just the way I like it! As a kid, I always loved the second movie the most, because I thought the futuristic look was so cool. I've always been intrigued by the future. Futurama was one of my favourite TV shows, and the fact that The Fifth Element is also a futuristic story definitely contributed to the fact that it's my favourite movie. I love thinking about the future. When you think of everything that can go wrong (starting with climate change, for instance) it's kind of horrifying and I'd rather cover my ears and go "Lalala" instead of thinking about it. However, I sometimes think it's a magical thought... Considering how much technology has developed over the past decade, and how fast the world is changing lately, imagine the possibilities... 

I for one sincerely hope we will have hoverboards, automatically fitting and drying clothes, whatever that plant thing is that comes out of their kitchen's ceiling and a flying Delorean. How about you? 

Well, October 21st, meet me at Cafe 80's.

✎ Jade
PS: more on the Back to the Future predictions here!
PPS: Nike is making the actual Powerlace shoes! Check it out! (7/1 update)

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  1. Indeed, the future becomes the present all the time, it it happens fast. In The Fifth Element, if I remember correctly, BW checks in at the airport using only his credit card. At the time the movie was made, this was not possible for real. But now, I do that routinely. Why are we not surprised?

    1. Yes! And soon it might just be fingerprints!
      I'd love to use a multipass everywhere and yell 'multipass!' whenever I check in. x Jade


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