The Female Body Throughout the Years


You know, every now and then one of these pops up on your Facebook, inside the magazine you were reading or even in the newspaper: 

"Perfect length for women is 1m58"
"Men don't like women with tattoos"
"C-cup most popular"

I mean, sometimes these things are scientifically examined, because the difference between your waist and your hips could say something about your fertility etc. but most of these articles are just pure crap. They interview about 50 men, then post the results online and before you know it, everyone is sharing this incredibly important news through their social media. As far as I care: there isn't one perfect body. There are many. There are those who totally dig huge women (by that I mean incredibly tall as well as very fat) and there are others who prefer tiny stick figured girls. My second point is: why do they always ask men's opinions? Why not include lesbians? Might be interesting to see if there are differences (which, as I've said before, can only be scientifically proven if you use a lot of people to test this theory with). And my third point: who gives a fuck? I mean, seriously, I find that all these articles that tell us how to be the perfect man or woman for our partners are just twisted. You should be yourself, be confident and live your life the way you want to live it. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you don't have the perfect genetics because it doesn't matter

Okay, now that this is off my chest, I wanted to share these pictures with you, in which you can see the so called perfect woman throughout the years. Interesting to see how every generation has their own model. 

Also, I found this video on youtube:

After seeing these pictures and the video, I started thinking: "Would there be an equivalent for the male body?" and started to google it. It was interesting, because I came across a lot of websites explaining guys -step by step- how to 'get ripped' and found a lot of 'perfect men' pictures of ridiculously muscular and oiled up guys. So, we can conclude that there are also high expectations the other way 'round. However, I -so far- haven't found a similar chart showing us the 'male body throughout the years' nor a video like this. I did find this, though I don't think it's as strong as the video above, and whereas the above video got 21.696 likes so far, this one only got 324.

So I guess there is not the same kind of awareness about this issue that (also) affects our male counterparts, which kind of sucks for guys, doesn't it? I think women's bodies are definitely more in the spotlight when it comes to this kind of mockery and silly advise, but we should also keep in mind that it works both ways.

Be yourself x

✎ Jade

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