Silent Songs


Don't you just love watching music videos? I do, always have and always will! Back when I was a kid, I had these VHS tapes lying next to the TV, so that when I saw a good music video, I could pop it in quickly and tape it! Ah yes, I guess I was one of the last generations to experience the magical world without youtube. I still remember that tape. It was mostly full of Gorillaz, but I remember taping Year 3000 by Busted on it as well. Good times...

Anyway, I just found a wonderful Youtube Channel that strips away the music from the videos and it is really funny, and mostly, really awkward to look at! 

The Friends intro is one of their best -and most awkward- ones in my opinion:

And oddly, Pharrell succeeds in having his Happy video stripped of it's music and still being awesome. How does he do it?

✎ Jade

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