Instagram Challenge, day 7

Hello all!

For day 7, the last day, show your favourite item! It can be anything, from a diamond necklace to a dirty napkin. Just as long as it hold value to you! 

This was the last day of the challenge, and we hope you enjoyed joining us and/or looking at our pictures! Even though the hashtag is #ExploringTheWorld, we haven't told you to hop on the train and go take pictures of the Taj Mahal -though that would've been cool- but instead asked you to explore your own surroundings, the world around you. We think dreaming of big adventures is very important and healthy for the soul, but sometimes we aim so high that we tend to feel like we're not living our lives the way we should. And that is just stupid, because hanging out with your friends or watching a great movie surrounded by chocolates is also living -and enjoying- your life. We should appreciate the little things, which can really make life incredibly fun.

So think about this past week. Go to your favourite spot, work on your resolutions, enjoy being lazy (hibernation, right?), embrace your messy hair, go for a walk and look at all the beautiful things that surround you, and then go eat something really yummy with your favourite item by your side. Now, ain't that a good day?

Last but not least, even though we didn't say it was a competition, we really enjoyed seeing Anne's pictures and would like to give her these earrings! Thank you for joining the challenge! We hope you had fun with it, and hope that you like the gift! Pm us on Facebook so we can figure out how to get them delivered to you!

Lots of love,
Tall and tiny

The Gift: 

Our Day 7 entries: 

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