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Do you know the website 80stees.com? It's really great! They sell nerdy clothes, but unlike a lot of other stores their website is really organised, and they have this system in which you can find what you're looking for very easily. Throughout the years I've bought T-shirt of Star Wars, The Princess Bride and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since they give you a $10 discount for your birthday every year, I decided to use my discount code to score these two beauties (the T-shirts, not the models haha): 

The Star Wars shirt is really nice because it's slim fitting. Usually these nerdy t-shirts aren't very flattering, but this one really is. The Superheroines shirt is less elegant, but super fun for pyjama time! The quality is good too. The fabric feels strong and in my experience 80stees t-shirts' prints don't wash off easily. The people who work there are also really fun by the way. See, when I ordered my t-shirts, the sent me this e-mail:

Next on my wish list: a Back to the Future and a Futurama t-shirt! Below are some pictures. I'll show you the Star Wars one in close-up so you can see how nicely it fits. Don't expect high fashion photos though, since I took the Star Wars pictures early in the morning after taking a shower, and the Superheroines one right before going to bed. =)

✎ Jade

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