The First Narrative films


Today I'm sharing one of the first narrative films ever made: La fée aux choux (ca. 1896), by female director Alice Guy Blanché! Don't you love it? It is based upon the idea that boys come from cabbages and girls are born from roses. Haha, I love it!

Also, have you ever seen Le voyage dans la lune (1902) by the famous Georges Méliès? It's really wonderful! You can watch it here on youtube:

My favourite part is when they meet the alien near the huge (moving!) mushroom. Keep in mind, these were astounding special effects back then. Also, each and every frame was coloured in by hand! Isn't that amazing? 

I find these all so inspiring! Méliès' movies actually remind me of of Wes Anderson's work a little bit. The colours, the strange sets... I hope you enjoy them too!

✎ Jade

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