My Top 10 Nerd Blogs


I'd like to share some of my favourite nerd blogs with you today! 

First of all, I love The Nerdy Girlie a lot. She posts very regularly, has an easy-to-read style and a very nice lay-out. =) She actually made a list of her top 10 favourite nerd blogs once, which you can read here. A lot of the blogs that I like are actually from this list. 

Next, one of my favourite blogs is Seek New Travel. It's about a couple who travel around and share their incredible experiences with you. The big plus here is that it's not just an ordinary travel blog, they go to really cool and geeky places. The blog has a whole section on locations that are connected to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who! They also have posts about cool things like an island you can walk to or swimming in caves.

If you are really geeky, but also still very girly, Being Geek Chic might be the blog for you. As Elizabeth Giorgi -the main writer of the blog- says: "Being Geek Chic is a blog for stylish geeks, sophisticated nerds and people who enjoy the musings of a complete dork." I couldn't have said it better myself. The way she (and the others who contribute to the blog) write is indeed quite sophisticated, and they write about very interesting stuff. Their blog is divided into categories (Harry Potter, LOTR, GOT, Lego, Doctor Who etc) and they also have a lot of great posts about video games! Definitely worth a read! 

Superheroesque is a blog written by Liz Locksley (yes, as in 'Robin of Locksley') and Mia Moore. This blog is perfect if you have some time to kill and you feel like reading something fun and relaxing. Their posts are often about 'life as a geek' and the great thing is that they are just humans, like you and me (although as I've stated before it has never been proven that I am indeed 100% human). Anyway, it's easy to relate. =)

The next blog I'd like to share has the best name ever: Hello Giggles. They basically write about anything. Well, anything slightly connected to geeky stuff, but it's really variated. It's about (pop) culture, or even better: about life. Their posts are really top class and very interesting. So if you're in the mood for something fun to read, that you might also really learn from: go giggle!

Okay okay I've just been copying The Nerdy Girlie's list, I know: LAME. But I still have some other treasures to share with you!

Have you ever heard of The Pineneedle Colletive? If no, shame on you! This blog is really great. It's written by Annika Victoria, who is a fashionista, a DIY expert and on top of that a scientist geek. She studies science and apart from sharing fashion photos and DIY projects, she also throws in a lot of 'fun facts' about science. I've really learned from this blog! She also has a tumblr which is specifically dedicated to the more scientific stuff. 

Another blog you should definitely read is Kate Gabrielle's Scathingly Brillant. She mostly posts about fashion, but is also an illustrator, a huge fan of The Office and a very dedicated cat lady. Brace yourselves if you're going to check out her blog, because you'll get all enchanted by the pastel loveliness of it! 

If you're into videogames, you should read That Video Game Blog. It's got all the information you need on the latest video games! That's pretty much all there is to say about it. =)

Okay, time for The Mary Sue! It often focusses on women in the geek world (girl gamers for the win!). There's also a lot of stuff about video games (including reviews) and great posts like "Could a Zombie Apocalypse Actually Happen?" so it's worth checking out! 

Last but not least I'd like to share my favourite Star Wars blog with you. It's called Star Wars Underworld and updates very regularly! Downside: not everything you read here is reliable, a lot of it (especially about episode VII) is based upon hunches and has not yet been confirmed. Also, if you don't want to know anything about episode VII just yet, don't go to this website! I don't read a lot of the episode VII articles either because I prefer these things to be a surprise. But it's really fun to read. And it's about Star Wars. Star Wars! 

I hope you will enjoy reading these blogs! Don't stop reading this one and jump over to those though, because that obviously would suck for me, wouldn't it? Stay tuned! 

✎ Jade

ps: this post is just so dry being text only, so I'm just going to add this here

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