I heart Shaun Tan

Okay everyone, as promised, here is some more about Shaun Tan! 

For me, it all started with one of his books called 'The Arrival'. My boyfriend got this book for christmas and we both really liked it. A couple months later we went to an exhibition of his work and I was just amazed. Just like with Moebius (though entirely different, stylewise) you get sucked into his work. In his drawings he often creates a really dark world, but then surprises you with a little light in the center of it. And in contrast to all the darkness, this light can be so... Emotional? Inspiring? Make the hair on your arms point straight to the ceiling? I always feel like I have a little bit of darkness inside of me (I guess everyone does?) and his drawings -creepy as they can be- make me feel like I'm finally face to face with this darkness that feels familiar, and it doesn't feel that bad. A bit of darkness is what makes us human I suppose (even though I always have and always will firmly believe that I'm not 100% human). You know, darkness doesn't equal evil of epic badness. It can be very inspiring and lead you toward the light. Oh boy I'm sounding like a crazy person preaching about some kind of strange religion. I'll just stop talking. 

Without further ado, here is some of his work:

Hope you like it!


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