The Glorious Getting of Gifts II


Here is the second part of my gift getting! It's really good stuff that you geeky people will love!

My parents got me this book by Shaun Tan: The Rules of Summer.

It's about two boys (based upon Tan and his older brother) who have certain 'rules' they have to respect. It starts off with ridiculously simple things like "don't leave the back door open" and then evolves into something more complicated and sensitive. As always with Tan's work, some of the drawings are quite dark, but it also has a beautiful heartwarming quality to it. I really HAVE to write more about him and I will, I promise! 

My sister and her husband (oh god, 'husband' makes them sound so old, they're really not) pre-ordered a book for me and I'm excitedly waiting for it to arrive! I have two favourite movies. I already mentioned the first one briefly in a previous post: The Fifth Element. It has adventure, romance, action, humor... Everything I need! Is there another film that embodies all of these qualities? Why yes of course: The Princess Bride! It's soooo romantic. I'm sitting here sighing, just thinking about it. The actor who plays Westley (Cary Elwes) wrote a book now, about the making of this movie. A lot of other actors and crew members pitched in and it should be a really good read! 

Aren't these just superduper gifts? I sure think they are! 

Now let's all take a moment to enjoy Westley's sweet face. 

✎ Jade

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