It is happening again

Hi everyone!

Quite literally, I can say "It is happening again!"

Yes, that's right. In 2016, there will be a new Twin Peaks series! I really like Twin Peaks, it's unlike anything else you see on TV these days. Not that everything you see nowadays is bad (Rebels, hello?) but it's just so unique in it's own way. The lighting, the costumes, the sets, the music (!), the cast (don't you love trying to pronounce Kyle MacLachlan?), the story, the creepiness and of course the humor. If you haven't seen the original series yet, you should definitely watch it. It's kind of a classic. This mighty scare you off, as you might think it will be too slow and old fashioned for you, but it really isn't. Personally, I always liked Audrey a lot. And my favourite scene is the one with the llama. Those two seconds of llama are some of the best TV seconds ever in my opinion. 

So anyways, yay for the new series! And now that the weather is getting all foggy with the start of the autumn and all, isn't it the perfect time to watch the original series all over again? Mm just listening to the music brings it all back! 

✎ Jedi Jade 

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