Tiny Death Star

In a galaxy far far away... (okay, click the big blue play button now)


I love this game. It's just so insanely cute, isn't it? I love the pixellated design, the little jokes, the music (!) and basically everything else about this game. A lot of people complain and say it's not possible to play it decently unless you pay up, but I don't agree with that. I play for free, and if you cash in the money from your stores every night before you go to bed, you can earn a reasonable amount of coins in no time. I really love playing it, mostly because it's so darn adorable. Unfortunately my phone is having a hard time playing it, and because it takes up so much space on the little machine I actually had to call the firemen the other night and couldn't because my phone was stuck trying to shut down Tiny Death Star. So long story short, I should really transfer all of my pictures and videos to my computer and delete all other games from my phone.. But that's worth it!

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you guys to my favourite Death Star residents!

This is one of my favourites because three things: his name, his outfit and his moustache. First of all: Darklighter? That's a really good name. And let's face it, he looks like some kind of very cool hippie-space-jesus.

Don't you just love this little guy? He is so darn adorable!! And I think Beed Nu is a really good Ewok name.

This guy is my no. 1 favourite! I don't know why but he just is. As you can see on the top right, he's not a very skilled guy so having him around is actually bad for my game, but I could never kick him off my death star. I love Mister Bibble.

I love this woman! She's like a sassy old space pirate. And anyone named Fisto is welcome on my Death Star.

Haha this is a good one. She looks all creepy and manly, but really, Celeste? That's such an elegant Disney princess name if you ask me. So I always imagine that underneath the suit she's this really pretty girl with long blonde hair.

And this is miss Jettster! I like her name, because it sounds like she's such a jet setter. Also, the combination of the Han Solo outfit and the Princess Leia hair? Nice!

So these are my favourites! I think I might write a story about them someday. I'd love to see your residents, let me know! =)

✎ Jade

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