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Just a quick post to remind everyone who is reading this on their e-mail, please go to the actual blog @ http://tntexploringtheworld.blogspot.be and check out our beautiful new banner! Jade's dad made it. See, he drew comic books back in the day! Cool, right?  

Also, we'd like to ask you cutie pies to crawl out of your cozy shells and leave a comment every now and then. Our statistics show that a lot of people are reading our blog every day, but we never get any comments here. Also, we can see how many people we've reached on Facebook and only 5 or so actually like our posts. So let's be social (it is social media after all) and leave a comment every now and then! Or if you don't like social media, pop by for a cup of tea sometime and tell us how amazing you think our blog is in person. Also, no mom it's not embarrassing if you leave a comment, we do appreciate it! 

You do now! Just sign up here or sign in below in the comments section (which you'll be able to see if you click a specific post). If you have a youtube account or use the hangouts app, you already have a google account and you can just sign in below!

Some inspiration for people who don't know what to write:
- Your blog is really good
- I like the banner
- How interesting!
- You have nice hair
- I like pretty colours
- ...

Yay for the banner! Huzaah for the comments! Everyone who gets a comment below will be mentioned in our next post (oh the honor)! 

The tall one and the tiny person

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