Lady in Red

Hi everyone! 

Guess what? I dyed my hair red! I've always loved being a blondie but I just couldn't resist. There's a little backstory I'd like to share with you. See, back when I was a little kid in primary school, my no. 1 heroine was Leeloo from The Fifth Element. I remember that one day, I was changing clothes for gym class (or swimming class, whatever) and I said to my best friend "When I'm 16 and my parents allow me to do it, I will dye my hair like hers" and I remember my friend going all "Naahh you'll never go through with it." Since then the idea of dying my hair red has been haunting me. A part of me wanted it so bad, but going back to blonde would be difficult and so I kept postponing. But now I realised: I'm young and I don't have to look a certain way for a job etc etc so now is the time! So I did it, yay for me! I really love it, it's very autumnish. Autumny? Whatever. Maybe next time I'll go for something a little more orange, or a little more red, we'll see. For now, I'm feeling very vampish! Vampy? Oh god..

Enough bla bla, photo time!

✎ Jade

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